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The what and the why

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The what and the why

But how can we solve this? On the one hand, we need Marketing tools that allow us to monitor the customer journey, but also help us to know the assessment that the consumer makes of the experience we are providing mobile phone numbers for sale.

Thus we would have one part of the photo, the one that is produced from outside the company, but in order to properly manage the experiences it is essential to have the other part of the photo, the one that shows what happens inside the organization . That is, to merge the information of the experience of our clients with the information about the business operations. Match the what happens with the why.

Only then will we control the complete cycle. If we listen to the client’s needs, we know their evaluation of the experience, we combine it with the information about their behavior and we combine it with the data on business transactions, so that we understand why, we can react in real time to improve the experience that we are offering you. We can even predict what his behavior will be and the impact it will have on our business.

This complete management of experience is what will allow us to adapt to an economic future that is already present: that of the experience economy.

The flow of business has changed. It is no longer produced from the inside out. That is, it is no longer the company that develops a product or service and launches it on the market, to see what happens. The sense has been reversed. Now it is customers who tell companies what they have to do. The flow goes from the outside to the inside and becomes circular. Because it comes back in the form of an enhanced experience.

To get the flow to run, it is necessary that the road is flat, that it does not have any obstacles. This aspect is enormously important when we talk about integrating data: it is all too common for this flow to encounter cut sections or dead ends, which end up providing us with a partial image, instead of the complete photo. And that no longer serves us.

If you are clear that the future is the experience economy, that you want to turn your customers into fans who are also promoters of your products and ambassadors of your brand, I am not entertaining you anymore. Start by outlining your strategy and go out and find the tools that will allow you to establish that integration of experience and operations.Gulf Phone Number List

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