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The value of experience

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The value of experience

“This desire to live and enjoy good experiences is changing consumption patterns and is forcing companies to modify their commercial policies how to get a database of phone numbers,” says Alfonso Cossío, Head of SAP Customer Experience Spain.
In the summer period, when most of them take the opportunity to enjoy their vacations, there is a word that will be constantly repeated in the conversations of those who leave and those who return: “experience”.

It is an expression that is increasingly present in our daily lives because it shows a characteristic of today’s society: it is more valuable for us to live an experience than to own a product. This is confirmed by Kantar’s Global Monitor, which indicates that 90% of people give more importance to experiences than to possessions in their personal lives.

This desire to live and enjoy good experiences is changing consumption patterns and is forcing companies to modify their commercial policies.

Companies have long placed customers at the core of their business and that customer experience is the element that drives the Marketing strategy of the most digitally advanced companies. Everyone talks about “Customer Experience”. And yet, all that strategy and the tools on which they are based to develop it are not enough: 80% of managers consider that they are offering their clients a good experience, but only 8% of clients perceive it. So.

It is clear that when such a large gap is generated between what we think we offer and what we really offer, it is because something is wrong. There are many companies that claim to have a 360-degree view of their customers, and they may have all the data to analyze the customer journey of each of their customers, but they also need the experience they offer to be consistent across all contact points and establish tight control over the data they have and how they use it to gain their trust.

An example of the importance of the experience for the customer is that 80% of consumers say they would abandon a brand after a bad experience. It is an overwhelming fact.Gulf Phone Number List

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