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The users of B-end products are people 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers

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The users of B-end products are people 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers

Users are people. However And product managers should first understand people’s habits. And needs come from human nature. Because of the relationship between positions and departments. Users of b-end products represent the demands and interests of different departments. For example. A manufacturing enterprise generally has three pillar functions: r&d (product management) to design a good product. Marketing (demand management) to sell a good price. And supply chain (supply management) to produce and distribute it at a suitable cost and speed . For non-manufacturing companies. Such as retail.


Users have always been people first

E-commerce and trade. However They generally do not have r&d 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers functions themselves. So they become good products. 01 users have always been people first On the basis of understanding the human nature and psychology of individual users. Product managers also need to understand the psychology of different groups. However Even product managers are sometimes like gods. Building systems and formulating rules to allow groups to evolve in the system. Today’s manufacturing enterprises are more and more finely divided.


1000 Mobile Phone Numbers



People don’t like to study

However And even a manufacturing enterprise is only making a 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers process and parts of finished products (iphone. Automobile. Clothing). And finally hand it over to the assembly plant for finished product assembly. And participates in design. Production. Procurement. Etc. People in the logistics and transportation links are also constantly reacting to these links. In the increasingly long industrial chain collaboration between enterprises. How to use information-based software systems to help users “Lazy”? 02 people are lazy. But laziness leads to invention.

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