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The use of Big Data in the Covid-19 emergency

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The use of Big Data in the Covid-19 emergency

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of leveraging data to make decisions quickly and ensure business continuity in times of crisis canada mobile number, but it has also forced many companies to rethink their investment plans. This has widened the gap between the most innovative companies, which have rationalized investments by reinventing or accelerating their data-driven strategy, and the most conservative, which have stopped or postponed investments. The result is a slowdown in the growth of the Analytics market. The business, therefore, is there and has not stopped.

Despite the difficulties related to Covid-19, 96% of large companies have not stopped carrying out activities to improve the collection and exploitation of data and 42% have moved, in terms of experimentation and experience, in the field of Advanced Analytics. On the other hand, among SMEs, 62% have some data analysis activity underway, of which 38% are advanced analysis.

“The pandemic has led to a rethinking of some data analysis activities, paying more attention to efficiency, the presence of internal competencies and the governance of data and Data Science. – explains Alessandro Piva, research director of the Big Data and Business Analytics Observatory – Covid has been a stress test: while the most immature companies have seen their interest in the subject reduced, those oriented to a data-based approach have been able to to reinvent itself ”.

Other relevant trends in recent months have to do with the application of Machine Learning throughout the data life cycle, the industrialization of Advanced Analytics and greater organizational maturity.

Also according to Polimi, the analysis in real time (fast data) is gaining ground: it means that different sources of information are integrated in streaming in real time, especially in the field of the IoT: it is about advertising in real time (programmatic), detection fraud, predictive maintenance and new product development. Gulf Phone Number List

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