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The UI interface Iran WhatsApp Number List of the flat style mobile racing game is designed like this

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The UI interface Iran WhatsApp Number List of the flat style mobile racing game is designed like this


Design UI for racing games.

Preprocessing process

In the usual sense, the UI interface of the game will contain the following elements:

  • Player information: personal information, leaderboards, tutorials, progress data, bonuses, etc.
  • Preset interface: Choose characters and settings, such as characters, games, weapons, vehicles, shapes, routes, etc.
  • Game interface: The interface of the actual game session.
  • End interface: After the game is over, the score and summary, achievements and other interfaces.

When designing a game interface, designers need to find ways to make the game smooth and enjoyable for the player. Players are not prepared for a lot of time to face unclear navigation. They want an intuitive interface and want to be able to directly participate in the game process. This is what game interface designers must remember. For the mobile game interface, there is another challenge to face – compared with the desktop game, the mobile interface is smaller, the designer needs to use the screen more efficiently, but also maintain the gameplay.

This time, the designer assigned to UI and UX design is Ludmila Shevchenko, let’s take a look at her design process.

UX design

The UI design of the entire game starts with wireframe design. At this stage, the designer will conceive the basic interaction and navigation design. A monochromatic wireframe framework allows designers to better think about transitions between layouts and interfaces before polishing the visual design. There are no pictures and motion effects, only basic icons and typography layouts, in this case, designers can focus more on the interaction process. Here you can see some basic interface layouts of Real Reacing:


The first screen is the main interface of the game. Click the CTA button to start the game. Below it, you can see the button to invite other friends to play together. Basic data is displayed at the top of the screen: gas volume, in-game currency, vehicle store and notifications, and buttons for settings and leaderboards are also available at the bottom of the screen.

The second screen shows Iran WhatsApp Number List the process of vehicle selection, just swipe left and right to quickly select, and the bottom is the corresponding data of each vehicle. In addition, users can customize the color of the vehicle.

The third screen show Iran WhatsApp Number List s the function of challenging friends. The full name of the game is Real Multiplayer Racing. Naturally, you can play online together. The interface also includes a function to notify each player if they are ready.

All these interactions have been carefully scrutinized and tested, and the designer begins to continue the UI design work. Next, she needs to make the well-designed interaction flow have a beautiful and attractive visual, with enough strong emotional appeal.

UI design

In the process of beginning the search for UI solutions, designers start with color matching. To better match the client’s and user’s vision, the designer provides two different color schemes: one is a warm color scheme, including two warm tones, orange and red, which are closely related to the sense of speed; the other color scheme is Cool colors, the color is mainly blue, this color is quite popular among users. Elements such as vehicles, signs, weapons, obstacles, etc. have also been redesigned for the game on the basis of the previous ones, giving them a fresher and original vision.

 Conceptual design based on warm color matching

Iran WhatsApp Number List
Iran WhatsApp Number List

 Conceptual design based on cool color matching

The client prefers a cool-toned design, but wants to visually present the feeling of a night game, so in the next iteration, adjustments are made based on this scheme, which appropriately enhances the emotional appeal and creates a feeling of nighttime brilliance. And give a more fashionable visual experience. Here’s what it looks like after iterative modifications:


In the UI interface, each screen has many different buttons, and designers use different colors to color them so that users can distinguish them. The button at the beginning of the game is the most critical button, it is the most prominent and has a higher priority than other secondary buttons, and the corresponding icon is also designed to match the main visual style.

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