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The task of the community manager is done by anyone, at any time

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The task of the community manager is done by anyone, at any time

Five key elements that must be known to convince companies to invest in CM and banish this idea: “Anyone can do it, at any time”. Hiring a person (or a group of people) to carry out the management of a brand’s social networks brings a series of advantages. In this Thailand Mobile Number Database article, five key elements that must be known to convince companies to invest in community managers and banish the idea that it is something that “anyone does, at any time.”

Social networks go far beyond the cross connection of people on the web. However, many brands (strictly speaking, the companies behind it; or better, the people behind the companies) still do not take a real awareness of this process. For this reason, the Argentine website iprofesional published a series of concepts that seeks to banish that myth that speaks (and that many Argentine businessmen put it into practice very convinced) that the work of the community manager can be done by any member of the company, in their “downtime” or free time between one “important” task and another.

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Keys to convince entrepreneurs: The social networks (Facebook wall and Twitter TL) are the window of trademarks on Internet. And you, Mr. Entrepreneur, know that “image is everything.” For this reason, if you want to be the CM of your company, resign first and sign up for social media later. Either run the company, or “tweet” and “facebooke.”

The competition is getting bigger and bigger and it is important to add a plus to the information that is provided about the products. “The community manager can be in charge of generating this trust, since he knows the shortcomings of the competition towards the client and, in this way, can establish that difference that will be key to deciding the client’s decision,” explains the Argentine site. Communication. Social networks are a great speaker on the net. They provide virality, indexing and permanent interaction. “The community manager is prepared to be the voice of the company,” says professional .

The “complaint book” is a thing of the Phone Number List past, Mr. Entrepreneur. The community manager is now, with the appropriate advice and training, who is in charge of responding to a dissatisfied customer. Monitoring It is important to listen to what is being said about the brand. All this can help to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the actions of the company.

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