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The superpowers of animation to help us be more diverse and inclusive

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The superpowers of animation to help us be more diverse and inclusive

Animation can celebrate diversity and inclusion Angola Email List. With a simple brushstroke you can add a different culture. Research can play an important role in fostering diversity, but animation allows you to be more creative and imaginative when it comes to including different cultures in your narrative, either by changing the style or adding characters. It can even allow adding cultures that do not exist, as well as avoiding promoting stereotypes.

Synthesis: it is easier to appear inclusive when the animation is simple. Thus, when we illustrate, the less we go into detail, the more inclusive we will be with different cultures. It is also important to define what elements we can use for animation and illustration. The use of symbols is key, as well as identifying well which ones are the most representative. Avoid following stereotypes too much.

Efficiency: In the process of creating and producing, fewer people are needed on set, and the budget is reduced. I am not talking about the Pixar style because it is very advanced and requires a large budget and a lot of technology; there are many other simpler ways to be inclusive and open up opportunities for more dynamic production, testing and learning through the process.

Versatility: the power of language. The famous Dumb ways to die campaign for the Australian subway showcases the creativity and human diversity present in animation. It is a flexible and adaptable method in that it allows you to be more explicit with difficult topics, and even use it for boring topics such as industrial financing (a sector that uses this technique more and more). Animation is open and accessible, because it has the ability to appeal to different demographic groups at the same time (children and adults).

Iconicity: the way in which a brand can take advantage of the use of illustration and animation. You can create a personal brand through animation. Finding a unique language, a different look, can help you stand out from the crowd. It is also a method that can be used to build a personality Gulf Phone Number List. Something very shocking can emerge from the union between an artist and a brand.

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