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The Skill Tree Lebanon WhatsApp Number List that Interaction Designers Should Have (4) Visual Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Thinking for Interaction Designers

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The Skill Tree Lebanon WhatsApp Number List that Interaction Designers Should Have (4) Visual Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Thinking for Interaction Designers

Why should an interaction designer be visual? Isn’t it just to draw a black and white draft, which is all wire-frame, just write a note and get it done, and leave the rest of the landscaping to the visual designer?

If you really think so, then you may not understand the importance of the interaction designer profession, and ignore the huge amount of information that can be conveye in the interaction draft.

As the first prototype of the product from concept to realization, the interactive draft nees to undertake the product design team’s underlying design concept for this product. Its design process requires a lot of thinking and effort of interaction designers, which is not so easy. can be done.

The definition process of the interactive manuscript:

  1. Define formal elements, poses and input methods;
  2. define functional and data elements;
  3. Identify functional groups and levels;
  4. Outline the interactive framework;
  5. Build key line scenario playbooks;
  6. Use verification scenarios to check designs.
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Lebanon WhatsApp Number List

Looking back at the above process, 1~5 must use a certain amount of visual thinking, which is really not a purely logical thing. An excellent interaction Lebanon WhatsApp Number List designer, the interaction draft he made is not only logically clear, but also allows people to see the visual Lebanon WhatsApp Number List focus and information level of each interface at a glance, and also marks the process steps and transition animation forms use by users. The complete form of the entire product is directly unfolde in front of you, and everything is clear to you.

Visual thinking is also the soul skill of interaction designers, but with a different focus. But there are too many concepts and methods in visual thinking. When I conceive of today’s article, it took me more than two hours to. Come up with this outline, which includes the visual. Effects that all interaction designers will use. The idea is finally merge into the three roles, and it is relatively easy to understand.


The three roles of visual thinking:

  1. Architect: He gives a reason for each module in the interface blueprint to be here;
  2. Narrator: He lets users know how to use it after seeing the interface;
  3. Cartoonist: He talks to you, gives you feeback, and tells stories.

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