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The Skill Tree Kuwait WhatsApp Number List that Interaction Designers Should Have (5) | Development Thinking of Interaction Designers

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The Skill Tree Kuwait WhatsApp Number List that Interaction Designers Should Have (5) | Development Thinking of Interaction Designers

Wen Yiduo first quote Perry’s words in his article “The Metrics of Poetry”, what he wante to express is that the metric of poetry is beneficial to the restraint of poets – “I am afraid that the more courageous the writer, the more Dancing in shackles is the only way to dance happily and well. Only those who can’t dance will blame the shackles for getting in the way, and only those who can’t write poetry will feel that the rhythm is a shackle.”

I think this sentence is not only for poets, but also for designers. Even art creators are limite by metric, painting materials, and style, not to mention designers who are born to speak for products and users. There was no designer in the previous products. Only developers can make operating systems such as DOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as software such as the first generation of OICQ and Foxmail, until they realize the importance of product thinking and the importance of users. , The importance of the beautiful interface, the user experience designer was born, that is, the later interaction designer and visual designer.

Because designers are the bridge between users and product development, designers should not only have user thinking, but also development thinking. Because if you don’t understand what technology your own products use, the products you design are likely to be imaginative. As the saying goes (by WingST), “Who can’t be more creative than creativity, can only be considere as a skill!”


1. Understand limitations and realize design value

“Don’t think of system constraints or conditions as limitations, think of them as the foundation upon which creative designs are built.”

—Luke Miller, User Experience Methodology

This statement from Miller speaks to the relationship between design and technology, and I take it for grante.

1. Designers are best at ideas

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List
Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

When there is no design intervention, the ease of use and learnability. Of Kuwait WhatsApp Number List products compose of technology is very poor, just like a bare surface. Which is really solid, but lifeless and easy to get lost. At this time, the designer came and said that this is not good, I can do this or. That optimization for you, and give you a complete design concept, which is really beautiful. At this time, Kuwait WhatsApp Number List there were vegetation, buildings and atmosphere on the surface, forming a new product. The boss slappe the table and said, “It looks good, let’s start work!”

2. Find the fulcrum of the design


The design concept given is very beautiful, but many designers are dumbfounde. When they reach the stage of realization: the rest is left to the development. I will cut the picture and you can’t realize it.

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