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The right video production

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The right video production

Now that you’ve got an idea for your video, it’s time to produce it Malaysia Phone Number List. There are many factors that will influence the success of your video and, in some cases, you may find it takes some trial and error to discover what your audience responds to.

Light it up
Learning how to properly light your film set is an important first step to ensuring that your videos look crisp and professional.With the natural light of the sun at your disposal, you may not even need to pay for your lighting. As long as you know how to use it.

Mind your background
Take care when establishing your film set. A cluttered background can look unprofessional and can be quite distracting to your viewers. Try using a solid-coloured background to help you minimise distractions, while keeping your video looking clean and professional.Malaysia Phone Number List

Hold steady
Hand-holding a camera comes with the risk of producing a shaky film. While many cameras these days come with in-built stabilisation, and some unsteady camera work can be fixed during editing, it’s best not to rely on these when producing your film.

Film multiple takes
In the rush of filming your video, it can be easy to miss things. An inadvertent body part might find its ways into the shot, or the camera may unintentionally be revealed in a reflective surface.

Less is more
In 2018, the average length of a video was 4 minutes and 7 seconds, but even that is often considered too long for a business-related video. In fact, it’s been found that while 68% of viewers watch business-related videos right to the end if they’re under 1 minute, that number starts to drop off rapidly as the length of the video increases.

Make your video audio-independent
With a staggering 85% of Facebook videos being watched without sound, it’s important that your video is able to function with or without audio.

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