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The research logic of user research Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

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The research logic of user research Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

The last article introduced the process logic of user research. And this article introduces the research logic. Research can be divide into exploratory research and summarize research. The former is mostly suitable for experimental exploration in the fiel of natural sciences. And the results presented are new inventions; while the latter is commonly use in research in the field of humanities. And some new discoveries are obtaine through the analysis. Reasoning and verification of a series of data. Psychology and sociology have similar research steps. Which are divide into six stages: question formulation – backgroun description – research purpose.


Project execution

Which constitute a complete study logic. User Exit Mobile Phone Numbers research projects are basically similar. The difference is that a solution must be given after the results are explaine. And even implemented with the development team. This is where the value of user research comes in. The research logic of user research projects is roughly as follows: 1. However Determine project requirements As a party b company. The project requirements received are often not clear. Or even logically disordered. And it is necessary to further reach a clear and mutually agreed project result with the customer. Then. Based on this evaluation. A methodology suitable for this research was selected and approv by the client.


Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Literature research

However Inductive research is incremental. And the Exit Mobile Phone Numbers results of each milestone are the input for the next phase of research. Therefore. The use of methodology will also vary greatly according to the needs of the stage. User research focuses on human-machine. Human-human interaction and interaction in a given environment. So researchers are require to have sufficient knowledge of the three research objects. For example. Before doing research on dishwashers. Researchers go to the internet to learn about the functional characteristics and technical parameters of the product. Go to the store to listen to the product introduction by the direct seller. And try the product.

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