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The power of Twitter, in a practical example

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The power of Twitter, in a practical example

The 2013 Dakar Rally generated more than 410 thousand tweets. With this, it is estimated that it had a reach of more than 2 billion people. The Bahrain Mobile Number Database Dakar Rally , which toured Peru, Argentina and Chile, generated more than 410 thousand tweets. With this, it is estimated that it had a reach of more than 2 billion people. In which country was it tweeted the most, where were there more mentions, what were they talking about? A clear example of the multiplying power of social networks .

Between January 5 and 19, the largest off-road competition in the world took place: the 2013 Dakar Rally . As has been happening for several years, it took place in the Southern Cone of America: it started in Lima, Peru; he toured half Argentina; and ended in Santiago de Chile.

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How could it be otherwise, in the time of social networks , tweeters were not indifferent to the event. During the days of competition, thousands of Peruvians, Argentines and Chileans commented on the details and encouraged their competitors. In Chile , there were 149,803 tweets related to the Dakar Rally. In Argentina , 140,985 tweets spoke of the event.

Peru added 120,063 posts to the Phone Number List network. The total reach was more than 2.140 million people. The day that generated the most mentions was the day of the game, on January 5, from Lima , with 53,592 tweets. On the day closing of the race , with the arrival in Santiago, he totaled 48,450. The most prominent mentions by country were “ Patronelli ” (quadricycle pilot) in Argentina, “ Chaleco López ” in Chile and “ Ignacio Flores ” in Peru. The predominance of mentions of these competitors was maintained on the social network during the 14 stages of the Dakar. In this interactive infographic developed by iCrossing , you can see the full analysis.

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