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The path to a hybrid model in programmatics2

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The path to a hybrid model in programmatics2

In fact, the ‘players’ that do not aspire to compete with the different media buying platforms will be able to improve the use of those platforms how to get cell phone numbers for marketing and offer complementary solutions so that each DSP can fully function. Thanks to this, we are not only able to reach the quintessence of media buying, but also to adapt to each platform to deploy our best operational and business practices.

We want to provide advertisers who are prepared for this experience, our ‘know-how’ and our technologies so that they form part of that 2% of BCG thanks to regular contact with an expert partner who understands and integrates their marketing challenges of business, securing your data and providing ‘expertise’ in ‘consulting’.

This includes the personalization and enrichment of shopping platforms with our technologies: modeling of 1st party advertiser data, crossing of our interest and intention data, targeting and personalized purchase algorithms, etc.

The intention is to advocate for an adoption of the “hybrid” model, which allows advertisers to progressively increase their competencies. The first stage will be to select and unify the technological blocks, for the advertiser to put aside the silos, understand what they are doing and take control. So you can choose which technology best suits your needs. The second stage is to increase skills: you have to feed the ‘know-how’ so that the advertiser can build their customized technological assets and can definitively say goodbye to the ‘one-size-fits-all’.

After this, the advertiser will not only be interested in buying smart spaces, but will want to know what happens to their audiences. The path to this transformation model is often long and complex and, without a doubt, in our country it will take longer to integrate it than in the United States, since the simple act of adopting a ‘data-driven’ model requires a personal, structural investment and, above all, financial that makes it profitable. Still, this is a vital short-term challenge for many incumbent companies whose business model could be disrupted at any time by ‘digital native’ companies. Gulf Phone Number List

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