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The “opportunistic” brand

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The “opportunistic” brand

Or rather we can say the brand that may seem opportunistic in the eyes of its consumer how to call mobile number in thailand. We have been able to see brands of alcoholic beverages that carried out marketing campaigns communicating “a historic Father’s Day” or delivery companies that announced hygienic measures that could be interpreted as inconsiderate towards their delivery people.

Perhaps the intention of these brands was not to take advantage of the situation caused by the confinement of the COVID-19 crisis, nor to play down the consequences of the confinement. But the important thing is not the original intention, but the derivatives and associations that your consumer can make, calling them exploitative or insensitive.

But we have also seen companies trying to get a clear cut from this crisis: from commercial management companies that appeal to fear of business collapse to sell their services, to companies that inflate the price of their digital content in the face of a foreseeable increase in demand (when we all know that digital content becomes cheaper as demand increases).

If a company does not have ethical values ​​aligned with its consumer, little can be done about it. But if this is not the case, we recommend that before launching a marketing action, now more than ever, a company must investigate the sensitivities of its potential customers. You must assess it both with respect to the brand itself, its market and its new situation and consider whether there is a risk of damaging the brand at the cost of achieving a punctual increase in sales.

And, both in this case and in the others Gulf Phone Number List, as a fundamental part of our marketing strategy, we must prepare response and action protocols for all possible eventualities.

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