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The new transparency framework benefits users and publishers

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The new transparency framework benefits users and publishers

Version 2.0 of the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework allows consumers to exercise greater control over their privacy and publishers to direct integration and collaboration with their technology partners uae top numbers.
The European advertising industry has announced the implementation of policies and technical specifications for version 2.0 of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TFC 2.0), the industry’s GDPR compliance system.

Exactly one year ago, the first version of the TFC was launched with the aim of ensuring that the digital advertising ecosystem would comply with its obligations regarding the GDPR and e-Privacy regulations. Now, with the idea that publishers can exercise greater control over their activity and that users choose the treatment of their personal data, the TFC 2.0 opens a public comment period (from April 25 to May 25) which will result in a better adaptation of the legal basis of the “legitimate interest” of the GDPR.

Users will see increased transparency and control in TCF v2.0 through:

The expansion from five to twelve purposes to process personal data, more granular, with a new way of presenting them to facilitate understanding.
Allow users to express directly through a TCF consent management platform (CMP) their “right to object” to a provider that processes their personal data on the basis of legitimate interest.
More controls on how providers can use certain data processing features, including the use of accurate geolocation data.
For their part, publishers will gain greater control and flexibility regarding how they integrate and collaborate with their technology partners. The new “publisher restrictions” will allow you to restrict the purposes for which personal data is processed on a publisher’s site by providers on a provider basis.

Until May 25, interested parties are invited to review and respond to proposals before the official release of TCF v2.0, later this summer. Upon completion of the public comment period and subsequent changes, detailed implementation manuals will be issued for vendors, publishers, and CMPs.

In the opinion of Reyes Justribó, CEO of IAB Spain, “TCF is the solution for regulatory compliance and we will continue to encourage our members within IAB Spain to adopt this new standard.” Gulf Phone Number List

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