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The New Rules of Post-Pandemic Marketing

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The New Rules of Post-Pandemic Marketing

2020 was an unheard of year and 2021 unfortunately will not mark the return to the old and longed for normality telephone listings australia

However, all these months we have learned to value many things and they have taught us so many more

And digital marketing is no exception

In this video I will tell you about a Harvard Business Review article that dissects the old marketing truths that the pandemic ended up burying, and the new rules that it must now adapt to.

#1. Marketing starts with knowing your customer
New Truth: Marketing Starts with Knowing Your Customer Segment

When connecting with customers, we must investigate beyond purely demographic variables and emphasize their attitudes, problems or lifestyles

According to a report by the EY Future Index, five basic types of consumers have emerged with the pandemic:
a) those for whom everything revolves around availability,
b) those who care first and foremost about health,
c) those who have made protecting the planet a priority
d) those who care fundamentally about society and its problems
e) and those who put experiences in the foreground

#two. Brands compete with their rivals
New Truth: Brands Compete for the Best Customer Experience

With the arrival of the coronavirus, the digital transformation stepped on the accelerator and consumer expectations took a huge leap

In the post-covid era, customers expect brands to take the time to treat them to personalized experiences from the beginning to the end of their purchase.

#3. The consumer expects brands to have what they want
New truth: The consumer expects you to have exactly what they want

The post-covid consumer demands that his experience does not have any type of friction, that it anticipates his needs and that it be relevant.

In other words, the consumer looks for exactly what he wants and when he wants it

As brands or businesses, we must prioritize data and technology to meet your demands

#4. Courting the client is like a date
New truth: It’s still a date, but online

If before, customer acquisition was similar in many ways to traditional dating, now they are more like dating apps like Tinder, where the user only swipes to the right or left, if they are interested or not.

There is a lot of offer and they have many demands

#5. The customer is the heart of marketing strategies
New truth: The customer is the heart but of the “customer journey”

In the new post-covid era, brands must give all the prominence to the consumer journey map (or customer journey), adapt and avoid all kinds of frictions in the purchase choice process

# 6. Relationships matter
New Truth: Relationships Are Everything

Building customer relationships based on trust is absolutely vital for brands.

To gain trust we must listen carefully to their problems and shape solutions, offering alternatives to their needs.

And do not forget to always be clear and honest in all precess or communication.

# 7. Agility is a technological process
New Truth: Agility is a Modern Approach to Marketing

For years we have heard about the technological benefits emanating from agile and sequential processes, which should be an option for the growth of companies

But the entry of COVID-19 has made technology, with its agility and flexibility, a “must-have” that every marketing department is obliged to implement.

# 8. The brand must be made up of great products
New truth: The brand must be made up of great values

The pandemic has turned brand loyalty around like a sock. Not surprisingly, up to 61% of consumers have considered changing brands or purchasing white-label products in recent months

When buying, the consumer is no longer guided solely and exclusively by quality, convenience and price, but also by factors such as sustainability, trust and social responsibility. Gulf Phone Number List

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