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The new normal in ecommerce is here to stay

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The new normal in ecommerce is here to stay

The paralysis of physical stores for months due to Bosnia and Herzegovina restrictions against Covid has ended the barriers that many buyers had, such as lack of trust and fear of scams in online sales.
The global health crisis experienced in 2020 has meant, in many aspects, a before and after in life as we knew it. And, among them, it has been shown as a trigger for change in the way of consumption lived up to now. Proof of this is how e-commerce managed, in the months of confinement, to impact the generality of the population, at first out of “obligation”, to settle later as usual. In fact, it is still one of the first consumer options. Selling online has ended the barriers that many buyers had. Like, for example, the one who did not trust to buy online and who opted for the physical store; above all, because of the fear of scams. Age, mistrust or ignorance were great obstacles. However, with traditional commerce paralyzed for months and with the need to expand and impact new customers, consumption has been forced to move to online channels.

The pandemic has been a revolution by promoting a radical change in shopping habits, giving many consumers the opportunity to experience a format that they had not considered, as evidenced by the fact that 40% of them had their first experience of purchase of food online in the month of March 2020. In fact, according to the Covid-19 Barometer and Marketing, Gulf Phone Number List multi-brand and multi-product distribution (70%) and ‘direct-to-consumer’ distribution or direct sale to the consumer (46 %) will lead e-commerce growth over the next twelve months.

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