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The new consumer Database

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The new consumer Database

Technology has generated important changes in consumer mentality Social networks have transformed not only the way of doing marketing and advertising , but they Buy Phone Number Database Malaysia have also begun to modify the profile of the consumer. And if before his role seemed to have no major variations, now he has become much more active, pro-active and questioning.

The possibility – which at the same time constitutes freedom – given to the customer by new technologies, to compare quality, products and prices in situ – through mobile telephony, social networks and various applications – transform the consumer’s profile and oblige to the industry to be more creative. The customer no longer “buys” anything blindly and does not easily get involved with a brand.

In addition to the above, the average consumer acquires a media power, previously non-existent, by having at their disposal the possibility of commenting on their good and bad experiences with different companies, on social networks . For this reason, the obligation of companies to do pre- and post-sale of their products and services becomes a condition sine qua non if their objective is to position the brand and carry out a successful commercial action. The relationship with the client, for the company, then takes on a new value and must be treated with care, because a good comment can mean the best publicity for the brand. On the contrary, a couple of annoying clients on enough social networks are to sow a reasonable doubt about it.

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Another interesting point, which constitutes tangible proof of the change, results from the E-Commerce study published by various media, which indicates that 84% of Chileans made purchases on the Internet during the previous year. Likewise, it is pointed out that those who carried out transactions on the network have done so frequently, for approximately two years.

In the case of quotation by means of mobile telephony, it is something that occurs more and more, but that does not necessarily end in purchase, because a significant percentage of the public does not trust the security of transactions through their phones and the The time that elapses between the quote and the purchase through a stationary, can deter the consumer.

Times have Phone Number List changed and passive customers are dying out. Therefore, it is essential for the industry to be attentive to changes, planning creatively new strategies and delivering complete content, benefits and added value to those who seek to make an informed decision, also doing so quickly, courteously and assertively.

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