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The new 5 A’s of Digital Marketing

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The new 5 A’s of Digital Marketing

You’ve probably heard of the famous 4 P’s of the marketing mix from Edmund Jerome McCarthy, the American professor who defined the concept from four elements: product, price, point of sale and promotion canada phone no list.

However, since then this approach has changed or evolved. In this video I’m going to tell you about a new marketing mix proposal, made by Cyberclick, which adapts to the current digital marketing model and consists of five letters A

Marketers seem to love this about acronyms. To share some history with you, a little later after the famous 4Ps that we were talking about, the American researchers Bernard Booms and Mary Bitner extended the concept by adding 3 new P’s (people, process and evidence or physical evidence).

In fact, the 4Ps of the marketing mix also have a version 2.0 to give more value to the consumer. From P we went to C, popularizing the 4 C’s of marketing: consumer, cost, convenience and communication.

Philip Kotler, in his latest book Marketing 4.0, updated the AIDA model establishing the 5 A’s of the customer journey translated into Spanish as: attention, attraction, inquiry, action and apology

But those aren’t the A’s I’m going to tell you about, so pay close attention.

Cyberclick proposes the following:

The A of Contribute. It indicates that any action or communication in marketing must deliver value, useful and relevant information for the user, with content in all formats that help to establish a dialogue with our users and build a lasting and trustworthy relationship.

The A of Helping. According to this new proposal it should be the primary objective. Our focus cannot be on sales, we must be with the client to understand their needs and make them solve their challenges. Educating, guiding and accompanying is essential to fulfill this point.

The A of Anticipate. Anticipating future user demands is the key to success. Therefore, it is essential to be up to date with trends, preferences and market changes to be able to offer the news to our customers before they request them.

The A of Adapt. It means knowing your buyer persona or client archetype in depth: discovering how they consume information, what interests them, what worries them. And adapt to your preferences, your needs.

Finally, the A for Automate. We must incorporate technology into our daily tasks to streamline work, optimize time, reduce costs, send information or resolve doubts instantly and offer a better user experience.

How do you see, what do you think of this new Cyberclick proposal? Gulf Phone Number List

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