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The Most Unfortunate Social Media Posts During Tragic Events

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The Most Unfortunate Social Media Posts During Tragic Events

These posts show the importance of having a clear line in social media posts and qualified staff, not sobrinity managers. The community managers are key pieces in the image projected the brand to consumers, therefore it is important that publications go completely consistent with what is to achieved in social networks. However, there are unfortunate cases of those Sri-Lanka Mobile Database who appear to be “sobrinity managers” given the poor judgment they gave to otherwise unfortunate publications, during sensitive, even tragic events. The most recent case is that of the NFL in Mexico , which on its official Twitter account nflmx launched a publication in which, as a humor, he joined the conversation “Of those times that CDMX shakes with an earthquake because can’t believe the Chiefs won the kickoff2017 match, ”accompanied by laughing emoticons.

After countless criticisms for the callous act, this Friday morning, the Twitter profile of the professional American football league in the country regretted the publication and apologized to the fans; since the comment does not “represent the values ​​of the league”. Regarding this same tragedy, the official, but local account of Wings Army Villahermosa , published a claim to consumers who left without paying the bill for evacuating the place due to the earthquake registered yesterday: “all those who did it will be banned,” he threatened. While consumers reproached him that they saved their lives or paid the bill. Sri-Lanka Mobile Database

The third case is the Domo Sushi Bar , which “played” with Hurricane Katia to promote its services, before the astonished gaze of its consumers, as they responded to the claims with what appears to be an “automatic publication”, but which is unprofessional. This reminds that the community manager of the candy brand Ricolino lacked common sense, at the time, when he published a tweet that in other circumstances would be normal but that day was unfortunate after the explosion in Tultepec, State of Mexico, where more died 30 people. The person in charge of these social networks decided to omit the rule that every good CM follows: stay informed. Then, he published “The Brother Cell Phone List most explosive Pecositas, find them in your nearest store.” These publications show the importance of having a clear line in the social media strategy and qualified personnel for it, instead of sobrinity managers. Above all, it is important that the community manager be empathic with what is happening around him, since the aforementioned incidents claimed lives, they were not minor events.

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