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The global dominance of marketplaces

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The global dominance of marketplaces

Marketplaces are online platforms created by a company that acts as an intermediary brazil mobile number, so that buyers and sellers can trade online. That is, it provides the virtual space and the appropriate tools so that the buyer can easily purchase the seller’s products. An example might be Amazon or free market.

In this video I explain why this type of business model is leading international electronic commerce and why you should use it as an alternative sales channel for your business

The benefits of a marketplace are:

#1. Vendor validation

One of the missions of a Marketplace is to generate trust between third parties that do not know each other. You know that when buying from Amazon everything will be fine and there will be no problems with the order, since the Marketplace guarantees the seriousness of the supplier by making frequent quality controls.

This generates security for the customer, but also credibility for the brand or seller that leverages the reputation of Amazon to sell their products.

#two. Catalog and accessibility

A Marketplace facilitates the search for products in wide catalogs, it will gain a lot of attention and loyalty from your buyers because they know that there they will find a great variety of products in a practical and simple way.

For example, ManoMano, as it is called, is a marketplace for construction, which allows users to search for products through voice from their mobile devices.

Another example is Rekki.com, a marketplace for restaurant supplies, which apart from having a fabulous web interface, has made sure to incorporate all the synonyms and jargon used in restaurant kitchens into its search engine, so that Orders can be made naturally with terms that restaurateurs know all too well.

#3. Marriage of supply and demand

That is, in addition to showing a great variety of products, it is also important to find the best combination of prices, ratings, performance and availability, among the different sellers that offer the same product that we are going to buy.

#4. Ease of payment

The moment in which the client decides to place an order and pay for the product is the most crucial moment of e-commerce, if the platform does not provide adequate security or the most common payment options for users in a certain region, the sale may fall.

In a Marketplace you should not worry about that, since the platform provides all the necessary technology so that there is no type of friction in the checkout process.

#5. Logistics facilities

We can say that when you start working as a reseller or seller in a Marketplace you can forget about the logistical complexities, because part of the service of an Amazon or Free Market is to facilitate this process so that it can be easy, fast and cheap.

Therefore, a Marketplace is also a logistics solution for companies that want to market their products through the Internet.

In summary, a Marketplace offers companies credibility so that users feel confident when making the purchase, it is a showcase of offers, it gives accessibility to its product catalog, it provides payment facilities and zero logistical complications. For these reasons, this business model is leading electronic commerce in the world.

I invite you to value this business alternative in your company so that you can take advantage of the great boom they have in the market. Gulf Phone Number List

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