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The Evolution Georgia WhatsApp Number List of User Experience Methodology

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The Evolution Georgia WhatsApp Number List of User Experience Methodology

By 2016, Don Norman had publicly articulate how misunderstood the term “UX Design” was. Looking at the degree of evolution of UX design in the modern sense, I don’t think there is a better description than that the originator of UX design can’t define the word. To understand this, we nee to start with the history of design and development since the 1990s, which are intrinsically linke.

Traditional User Experience Design

The purest form of UX design is base on the waterfall model:


(Image courtesy of Swipecubes)

A product team working through the waterfall model needs to learn everything that goes into the process before it starts building the simplest prototype. This preliminary preparation work takes months or even years to complete, and the results of the preliminary research determine the practical implementation of the design team. Product requirements nee to be locke before design, and design prototypes ne to be locke before development is execute. There is no turning back until version 2.0 arrives. This is how the so-calle waterfall model works.

The traditional UX design process is usually taught to college students in this way:

  1. Do more research to find the problem;
  2. Categorize the problems you find;
  3. Create user profiles and behavioral paths;
  4. Run ideation exercises to stimulate new ideas;
  5. Create and test prototypes;
  6. Take the final prototype for development;
  7. launch your product;
  8. Return to step 1 bas on user feedback.

This is a basic waterfall model. The classic elements of user experience design also follow the waterfall model, building and executing from the bottom according to clear nees.


But it can also be seen that the classic user experience design is fundamentally incompatible with agile and fast.

Towards a lightweight direction

Innovation in Silicon Valley has long been fuele by Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors in a dense integrate circuit doubles roughly every two years. Superimpose the evolution of a waterfall model, and you’ll find it’s perfect for a two-year, 24-month cadence. The business, design, and development cycles work as punctually as you can with Swiss clocks, perfectly fitting the release cycle of new Intel chipsets.

But suddenly one day, Sony, Toshiba and IBM (STI Alliance) felt that Moore’s Law was too slow.

The STI consortium create the first single chip, which stacke 8 microprocessor cores on a single wafer, and this shit actually worke and got to work (it powerd the Playstation 2), and the multicore architecture has changesince then everything.


Moore’s Law is not broken, but its life cycle is threatene, and it is the waterfall model that is actually broken.

Georgia WhatsApp Number List
Georgia WhatsApp Number List

Almost overnight, spee and flexibility replace the precision and predictability that Georgia WhatsApp Number List have long dominate the competition. Companies are turning to another mature but underutilize development method across the board – lightweight development.

Lightweight products focus on rapid iteration. It releases a new set of incremental feature Georgia WhatsApp Number List releases every 2-4 weeks. Revising the product over time, rather than rolling it out all at once. It is base on hypothesis, experimentation, rapid release and real-time measurement. There is no editing phase in the process of lightweight development, there is no perfection. As Bre Pettis said in 2009 “the completion of one iteration is the impetus for more refinement”.

The awkward position of waterfall mode in this change is like an old. StarTAC-style phone sitting in a room full of iPhones, on pins and needles.

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