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The difference between user research in the Namibia Phone Number Internet and traditional consumer goods industry

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The difference between user research in the Namibia Phone Number Internet and traditional consumer goods industry

However User research in the internet industry mainly has the following specific directions: Interaction design: usability. Ease of use; Product function: demand and pain point analysis; Growth operation strategy: user portrait. User stratification. Strategy analysis; Therefore Strategic research: market structure. Brand image. Opportunity analysis; Experience management:  Therefore customer complaint analysis. Experience index monitoring such as nps. It can be seen from the above that the coverage of user research is very wide. But compared with other positions.


Brief introduction of user research

However The number of user research positions is not large. Which Namibia Phone Number also reflects the immature characteristics of this position. Personally. Therefore I think that the user research positions in the internet industry mainly have the following problems:  Therefore The value of the job is difficult to measure; The mode of cooperation with other positions is not clear; However  The development path is not clear. And the job ceiling is low. From the perspective of job maturity. The above problems can also be attributed to: low degree of job differentiation. Low degree of specialization. And low degree of standardization. We know that user research starts in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.


Namibia phone number
Namibia phone number

The Internet and the traditional consumer goods industry

In the international leading fast-moving consumer Namibia Phone Number goods companies and many consumer goods manufacturers. User research is an indispensable part of the research and development and marketing process. (r&d. Pricing. Packaging. Advertising. Product mix. Etc.) Therefore developed a proven methodology. From an industry perspective. Consumer product user research has a more complete industry ecology. With professional service providers in many links. However  And an interoperable talent echelon system in the industry. So why do user research positions in the internet industry have the above embarrassing problems?

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