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The ClubHouse phenomenon or how to connect by talking

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The ClubHouse phenomenon or how to connect by talking

If 2020 was the year of audio Armenia Email Lists, this promises to be the year of audio… live. In recent months, ClubHouse has become the fashionable social network, and that in the ecosystem there are another twenty ‘social audio’ applications that seek to gain a foothold.
But what does ClubHouse have to be on everyone’s lips? For starters, its exclusive access via iPhone and by invitation. The FOMO (fear of missing out) is an irresistible weapon for marketing and ClubHouse uses it to perfection. Its origin as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s toy and celebrity cameos feed that illusion of a “must-be” place.

There are, however, other factors that are closer: the pleasure of talking, listening and intervening in talks in times of pandemic, without the need to preen and sit in front of a camera. ‘Entering’ in Clubhouse is the closest thing to going from group to group without anyone asking who you are, but with the possibility of giving your opinion if you consider it. And even share a conversation with people you admire with whom you would never have imagined meeting. All in real time and, in theory, without recordings. What happens at ClubHouse stays at ClubHouse.

With some 10 million users in the world – estimated data for February, because the figure goes like a shot – anyone can open a public or private ‘room’ to talk to the first person who ‘passes’, an opportunity that is refreshing. Of course, there are also dark areas, such as problems to control inappropriate speeches or behavior, the use that will be made of your data – and that of all contacts, to which you give access in exchange for being able to find them later on the network – and the Conversations, which, although in theory cannot be recorded by users Gulf Phone Number List, are temporarily recorded by ClubHouse as a preventive measure against possible abuse.

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