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The business of native advertising

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The business of native advertising

That is why native advertising was born, as a solution to this problem Guinea Email List, so that the navigator feels with a more positive attitude towards the brand (45% more) and that influences that they also feel closer to the purchase (27%), as confirmed by the Verizon Media Redefining Native Study 2018.

Luis Esteban, CEO of iProspect, assures that: “We detected the need for this meeting because advertisers must know how native advertising works, a format that is increasingly popular among digital marketing professionals. We at iProspect are prepared to assume that we are approaching a world where on-screen advertising is simply native. And this will move faster as we spend more time on applications. ”

The primary goal is not to disturb. And this is where strategies and creatives capable of blending with the content that the user has in front of him come in. According to data from Verizon Media, 79% of consumers would like to see the most inserted ads on the page and 4 out of 5 acknowledge that they accept native advertising as a form of content. 83% for their part, certify advertising, more and more, it is becoming more and more intrusive.

Outbrain, for its part, has asked more than 1,000 Spanish users and has corroborated that 95% of consumers do not like that advertising interrupts their online activity and 66% ignore the ads when they interrupt their browsing experience.
The peak of this format will be seen in 2025. According to Verizon Media predictions, growth by then will be $ 400 billion in the world and $ 92 billion in Western Europe. In other words, from now on and in five years, it will have grown by 600%. In Spain, specifically, Outbrain estimates that of the one billion it represents now, it will rise to 4.9 k million dollars in 2025.

Given these figures, it is clear that the following will be to adapt the formats so that the advertising spaces are a meeting point and a positive experience between advertisers and users Gulf Phone Number List.

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