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The best tips for your business videos on social networks

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The best tips for your business videos on social networks

Videos will continue to set the standard in marketing strategies this year canada mobile number list. Knowing the key points to create more attractive videos is something you should know in your business if you want to take advantage of this form of interaction with users

In this video I will talk about the best tips to increase the retention and views of your videos on social networks

Tip # 1. Video length

It is recommended that the videos for social networks last between 30 and 60 seconds, unless it is a YouTube publication in which people are willing to stay longer because it is a platform created for it.

Tip # 2. Add Calls To Action creatively

The famous CTAs or calls to action should always be in the video for the audience to click the “play” button and thus increase the views of videos on social networks. Or, to take an action after watching the video.

This element must also appear in the description of your publications, with phrases such as: “Learn more”, “Go to Instagram profile”, “Download”, “Sign up”, etc.

Tip # 3. Easy to understand content

Make sure to create a video with a timely, clear and concise message. The same applies to all videos on social networks, if the audience understands the first one easily with attractive and dynamic content, they will know that the next one you publish will be just as digestible and they will want to hit the “play” button, thus increasing views and taking advantage of the algorithm working in your favor.

Tip # 4. Share the video on all your platforms

It simply means spreading your video more, share it on all the social networks you have. If you have a YouTube channel too, you even run a blog on your website.

Tip # 5. Attractive title, texts and descriptions

The truth is that nobody is going to click the “play” button if something does not finish hooking it, and this is where it could apply: “the first impression is what counts.” The title must be powerful so that the audience feels curious and at this point the topic of the keywords or famous keywords is important. These will help position you and make the video appear first in searches.

If you want to increase the views of videos on social networks, you must also make sure that the cover image they carry is attractive as well as the description in each publication.

Tip # 6. Interaction

In all social networks and for each algorithm this point is just as important, you must encourage the audience to interact with the videos you publish.

In the script or in the description itself, add an invitation for them to leave you a comment. The reproductions, the comments and the frequency with which you post will positively influence the increase of your views.

Tip # 7. Hashtags

Hashtags are essential in all social networks to make your content known and many of the reproductions will significantly depend on it. So always make sure to use them in your post description, this way you can expand your reach and connect with other audiences.

Tip # 8. Add subtitles

It is not as complicated as it seems, there are many platforms like Kapwing that make your work easier, even YouTube has already incorporated a functionality that does it for you.

It is important because on many occasions when people are checking their social networks they cannot hear the video, but if you add subtitles you will make them stay and watch it anyway.

I hope these tips are very useful to you, and as one of the tips that I just mentioned. Gulf Phone Number List

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