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The 6 Unbeatable Laws of Content Marketing

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The 6 Unbeatable Laws of Content Marketing

Although there are still doubts in the business community about the real benefits of the commitment generated by content on social networks (many insist on the Oman Mobile Number Database obsessive promotion of products and services), little by little the medium has become convinced of the importance that has this strategy in the positioning of the brand and in the relationship with its followers. But it’s not always easy – or cheap – and there are six unbeatable laws that need to be considered.

More is more, it’s that simple . It is not about drowning the followers with information, but the fluidity in the content is presence in the minds of the consumers. 6 or 7 articles a week on your blog, website and facebook will be much better than three. And if you are not in a position to do at least two, it is better that you close your sites to avoid the decline associated with the lack of update.

Integrate SEO. The best image you can give your clients is that they find you on the first page of their search engine. By doing so, they feel that your brand is safe and powerful. Integrating SEO into everything you write – headlines, phrases, outlines – goes far beyond finding search words in Google Trends.

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Diversify, but not so much. Clearly, not all of your target will come spontaneously to the company’s blog, so you must integrate into the strategy marketing at least a couple social networks more . The idea is not to lose focus and use them all, but Facebook and YouTube, for example, are good bases to add to your site and / or blog.

Be part of other communities. The best way to find your target audience is to search for them in the communities where they hang out. Successful agencies and professionals Social Media dedicate part of their effort to participate in forums, conferences, webinars and LinkedIn groups to be present in the places where their target is.

Prioritize content. Leaving marketing content for Phone Number List whatever reason means failing the project. You have to prioritize, every day, the strategy over the circumstances. Everyone must create. The content does not only belong to those who work in Social Media , their responsibility also lies in the ‘upper echelons’. It is the managers who propose the guidelines of a communications policy. It’s the marketers’ responsibility not to let them forget it.

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