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The 5 most frequent SEO questions part 2

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The 5 most frequent SEO questions part 2

1. How can I improve the positioning of my website?
Web positioning is improved through SEO strategies.

Although it may not seem like it, there is much more behind a beautiful web design france mobile number list.

Not only must it be visually attractive to the visitor, the font size must be adequate, have a harmony of colors, a pleasant design and that its navigation is simple, it must also adapt to both a computer and a Smartphone, which is easy to handle and intuitive, the loading time is essential to be fast (because nobody likes to wait), and of course the content you want to show to your target audience must be original, relevant and of quality.

These are some aspects that you can put into practice right now, if you still see that your website does not upload positions, send us an email to see how we can help you.

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2. What are keywords or keywords?
They are words that are used to relate the topic you are dealing with on your blog, website, article, post, etc., with the search that users carry out regarding that topic. Gulf Phone Number List

That is, they are those keywords that title or describe a text or content.


3. What are backlinks and link building?
Backlinks or retrolinks are links from a website that take you to another website, that is, if A links a link from B, B receives a backlink from A.

Link building is an SEO strategy based on getting external links that are directed to our website, blog, store, etc. In this way, traffic will increase and we will better position our page in search engines.

Also known as getting links; It is about getting other websites to put a link to your website to position yourself.


4. Is it important that my domain contains the keywords?
Whether or not the domain contains the keyword has its pros and cons.

A few years ago many companies were hit by cakes for having a domain type “cheap flights.com” as this allowed them to rank faster and reach their target audience more easily.

But in the long run, they lose brand identity and it was difficult for them to build customer loyalty since they did not have a brand name to remember.

Nowadays having the name of the brand in the domain takes on greater importance, since it not only sells the product but also an experience that is associated with the name of the brand. And create around it a whole business culture with which the potential client feels identified.


5. What are long tail keywords?
If we translate it into Spanish, it would be something like, long-tail keywords that would be a phrase used by the client when searching for something on the internet on a specific topic in a very precise way.

For example:

Key word or keywords: Marketing

Long tail Keywords: Digital marketing specialized in SEO Huelva.

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Today’s information ends here. You already know that if you need any clarification or help we are at your entire disposal. If you want to know more about this world of marketing you can visit our blog, you will surely find an interesting article that catches your attention, we recommend Linkbuilding to conquer the international market.

We hope it will be of great help to you or at least that it brings you new knowledge or refreshes old ones. Knowledge does not take place.

We read soon.

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