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Tencent Italy WhatsApp Number List document brand setting: how does the master design it?

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Tencent Italy WhatsApp Number List document brand setting: how does the master design it?

Brand Overview

Tencent Docs is a free document tool that can view, create, edit, share, and collaborate with multiple people anytime, anywhere. Tencent Docs is independently developed by Tencent, and currently supports Word/Excel and other document types. It is free, free of installation, real-time data storage in the cloud, multi-terminal synchronization between mobile phones and computers, and supports multi-person collaborative editing.

2. Brand sorting

The Tencent office system consists of office applications such as Tencent Documents, TIM, and Cloud Documents.


3. Design goals


4. Design keywords

In this brand design, the four key words of Tencent, office, document and collaboration are the core.


5. Brand logo

1. Design Concept


2. The creative process


3. Detail polishing


4. Scheme determinatio

5. Logo Basic Specifications


Six, brand color

In order to create a professional and reliable brand image of Tencent Documents, Italy WhatsApp Number List blue is the main color. The accent color is bright blue, and the combination of white makes the brand more Italy WhatsApp Number List high-end atmosphere. The main blue, green, and rose red are used in the sub-brand online documents, online forms, and online slides (slides not released).

Italy WhatsApp Number List
Italy WhatsApp Number List

Seven, brand application system

1. Design Concept

2. Texture

3. Brand applicatio


Eight, UI application

1. Office file icon system

The icons of Tencent Docs convey information to users through minimalist shapes and bright colors, and present a relaxed office experience. At the same time, the brand building has carried out a systematic and unified design for the icons of office documents, and the new online and local icons will be applied to all ends of Tencent Documents / TIM / QQ.


As well as

Together with

Of course


Comparatively ,Correspondingly

2. Logo animation

The dynamic refresh starts from the small triangle of the logo, highlighting a refreshing feeling of “turning pages”, thus echoing with the entire office scene.

3. Splash Screen & Login

4. Illustrator – Empty Page Graphics

Blank pages are scenarios that imply that the user is missing, so the graphic presentation should not be too eye-catching. The overall use of gray strokes, emphasizing the use of brand blue embellishment. Blue brings freshness in grey lines and also emphasizes branding.

9. Brand press conference

The Tencent Documentation Conference was held in Beijing on April 18, 2018. The theme of the conference is: connecting you and me to empower office.

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