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Talking about product overseas research – in-depth research Nigeria Phone Number

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Talking about product overseas research – in-depth research Nigeria Phone Number

The last article said that rapid research is suitable for Nigeria Phone Number positioning the user circle and “Roughly shrinking the circle” during the initial incubation period of the product. Different from the incubation period. The mature products have already accumulated a certain number of users in china. And the business model has also been verified. When going overseas. They pay more attention to how to match the needs of overseas users to make adjustments in product strategy and design . This article will focus on how to carry out overseas research for mature products.



User recruitment

And the points to pay attention to in the process. 1. Research Nigeria Phone Number purpose This research focuses on an educational product with millions of users. In terms of going overseas. The product itself does not specifically specify which countries and regions to promote. And whether the design is to be localized or multilingual. Therefore. The purpose of the research is to: Locate the region/country where the product is suitable for going to sea. And assist the product to clarify the direction of going to sea; Clarify the educational characteristics and educational product needs of different regions/countries.

Nigeria phone number
Nigeria phone number


Configurable resources Under the same research purpose. There are different executable schemes. And the factors affecting the scheme are resources and time. Therefore. Rather than a detailed plan. You need to think ahead. What are the configurable resources? Are you pressed for time? Are there staff/resources to support scheduling? The situation at the time was that time was relatively abundant. And deadline was set in 2 months. In terms of staffing. Therefore. In order to focus our limited research energy on regions and countries that are worth knowing about. We must first “shrink the circle”. Divide the country into different regions.

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