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Take you through desktop research List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu

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Take you through desktop research List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu

However Desktop research is also calle desk research (desk research). There are different statements in different consulting/research companies. But the common description is: it is a kind of research through existing secondary data  method for analysis and research. Focusing on the sorting. Screening and aggregation of secondary data. Also known as “Secondary data research method”. In essence. It is to use scientific methods to collect. Organize. Record. And summarize market conditions and related information. To help us understand the current market situation and future trends.



Uses of Desktop Research

However And to provide objective and List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu scientific basis for our decision-making on products. Brands. Marketing. And operations. 02 uses of desktop research Desktop research is usually placed before conventional field research methods such as qualitative and quantitative. It is the first step in market research. It collects information and data for subsequent research. And establishes a preliminary understanding in advance or the direction assumed at the beginning of the project. The role mainly includes: 1. Provide background information for field research Before conducting on-site research. It is first necessary to clarify the purpose of the research and formulate a research plan.



List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu

Provide background information for field research

However So that the later implementation List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu and output can be well-informe and targete. And to ensure that the research results serve the business to the greatest extent. To ensure a reasonable research purpose and a scientific research plan. The corresponding information must be obtained from the existing data. So that the research plan and plan can be correctly formulate. Desk research is the foundation of fiel research. And to a certain extent. It can ensure that field research can achieve relatively ideal results. 2. Some information that cannot/is difficult to obtain from field research can be obtained During the implementation of field research. Due to limited resources or time. Some materials may not be available or obtained within a short period of time.

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