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‘Survey Funnel’ or ‘Survey Funnel’

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‘Survey Funnel’ or ‘Survey Funnel’

The ‘Survey Funnel’ presents a tempting premise for the user to answer the questions ukmobilenumbers, in addition, what is positive about this funnel is that based on that survey we already have first-line information about the user, in the case that we want to sell personal training plans, this information can be very valuable to the company.

The moment we have the information of the person and the email the user has successfully entered our funnel, now it is up to us to manage that potential client that we have. Don’t worry that you can use other types of sales funnels that we have on this page to manage that contact.

‘Survey Funnel’
‘Enrollment Funnel’ or “Summit Funnel’
The ‘Enrollment Funnel’ is aimed at courses, seminars, trainings, etc., since the first thing that is shown is a video about how the workshop is going to be and a ‘Call to Action’ telling the person to click. and reserve your site immediately.

This video needs to be well produced as that can help more people to sign up. Video should be used in these times to promote, since it has a high impact on customers, it is easier to share ideas than putting them in text and in a shorter time you can share many more ideas than with other channels.

‘Enrollment Funnel’
When the user clicks to ‘Reserve your position’, they are directed to a purchase form to enter their data and payment method. As you can see, this sales funnel is quite straightforward to sell since users are just one click away from the ‘Payment Page’.

‘Enrollment Funnel’ – Contact Form
To finalize this sales funnel, the client accesses a ‘Thank You Page’, in which details of their order and social profiles of the company are indicated so that they can contact us.

‘Enrollment Funnel’ – Thank You Page
‘Hero Funnel’ or ‘Hero Funnel’
The ‘Hero Funnel‘ or ‘Hero Funnel‘ is usually used to promote a personal brand, as it gives you an opportunity to meet professional expectations on a specific topic and serves a purpose for your own business strategies. This sales funnel is used to redirect users to your social networks, your blog, website, etc. In the following example we see an example of a ‘Hero Funnel‘ where it offers “how to get a big increase in your business?”, And in the lower section is the “Teach me to do the same” button.

‘Hero Funnel’
In the first instance, when the user clicks, they are taken to a section where they can register their email to have a personalized business plan, what we want to do in this sales funnel is to capture the user’s information little by little.

‘Hero Funnel’ – Email Registration
It is at this point of converting through the ‘Hero Funnel‘, since we obtained a ‘microcommitment’ with the contact email, we can go one step further and offer them our ‘expertise’ in the field. The most important thing is that you make the contact understand that you understand the situation they are in at the moment and that you have the tools to get their company to the place they want it to be. Gulf Phone Number List

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