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Suggest You Wait a Few Years Belarus Phone Number

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Suggest You Wait a Few Years Belarus Phone Number

Many people born in the 1980s and 1990s in the workplace are not obedient. But more gentle. Forbearing. And rational. Maybe in a few years. The post-00s will have more ties and will have a deeper understanding.” Starting this summer. The first batch of post-00s will officially graduate from university and enter the workplace. Different from the 8090 generation. The post-00s have not yet entered the big stage of life. And their “Legends” have already been circulate in the workplace. Topics such as not team building are also taking turns to rush to the hot search.



The office routine


of the post-80s and post-90s seems to be being broken by the Belarus Phone Number post-00s. However. While the post-00s are renovating their workplaces. Employers have also begun to try new management methods. According to recent news reports. A company in guangdong has set up a “New generation department” in reverse. Which is specially used to govern the post-00s. Among them. New post-00 employees of the company are required to be managed by this department. No matter which department they belong to. Other departments are not allowed to intervene. Judging from the information circulating on the internet. The employees who broke the news said that it was not that the post-00 employees were not good. But that they did not fit well with the company’s management system and needed to be further adjusted.


Belarus Phone Number
Belarus phone number


It seems that while


the post-00s rectify the workplace. The workplace is also rectifying the post-00s. In this contest. Who will be subverte? 1. Arbitrators who refuse to work overtime In the impression of most people. Newcomers in the workplace should have a low-key. Humble. And forbearing attitude. As a post-80s generation. When I first entered the workplace. I was always told to study for the purpose and not be afrai of suffering. But this attitude is in in the eyes of post-00 professionals. It seems a bit difficult to understand. Some post-00s rebel against the workplace. Starting from refusing to work overtime. Overtime written outside the labor contract seems to be a customary obligation for all workplace people.

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