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Successful campaigns on TikTok

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Successful campaigns on TikTok

That seems to be the mantra that is repeated among all those brands that are managing to position themselves as benchmarks Latvia Email List, either with an active presence or with concrete actions that have worked very well. We are going to review some success stories on TikTok to give ideas about the real possibilities that the platform presents for different types of business:

The Washington Post. The historic Watergate newspaper “saved” by Jeff Bezos in 2013 has reinvented itself on TikTok with a profile that has more than half a million followers, being the most influential newspaper on the adolescent social network. How did you do it? Well, with a content strategy that moves away from a traditional network management and is closer to an authentic tiktoker thanks to the charisma of Dave Jorgenson, who carries the profile. He is a member of the newspaper’s satirical team, who is the face of the Washington Post on the platform, and creates content with a touch of humor, often tied to current affairs, while also showing behind the scenes of the newspaper.

One more proof that the Community Manager has to be a natural voice of the company in the context of each network.
Mexican Social Security Institute. Another surprising example is this Mexican institution that has used TikTok to warn of the dangers of Covid-19 among adolescents. In this case, they have used the channel in a specific way, adding to songs and trending challenges on the platform and have managed to make some of its contents go viral, such as the video #SanaDistancia, which has more than 2 million views. The Mexican Institute shows that it knows how to adapt to the language of tiktokers and is a success story in how to integrate TikTok into its social media strategy.

Guess. The clothing firm known for its jeans also managed to make one of its campaigns on TikTok go viral. In her case, it was the #InMyDenim challenge, with which she encouraged users to upload their own content and wear their Guess jeans. With the help of influencers like Madison Willow Gulf Phone Number List, the action has accumulated 51 million views, a showcase of great value for the brand that reflects the power of hashtags challenges on TikTok.

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