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‘Storefront Funnel’ or ‘Storefront Funnel’

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‘Storefront Funnel’ or ‘Storefront Funnel’

In this funnel we make a presentation of our products in our store cell phone database free, the purpose is for the user to choose the product that interests him the most so that he can obtain more information and be able to make the purchase. It is important to note that a promotion with a time limit could be put in place to encourage the person to take action at this time. Develop a well-designed store that grabs the attention of your users, and the results will show up in no time.

When the purchase is made, the customer is directed to the ‘Thank You Page’ so that he can review the details of his order, in addition, we may interest him other related products that are in the store to encourage him to make an additional purchase.

‘Daily Deal Funnel’ or ‘Daily Deal Funnel’
This sales funnel has a main purpose, that the user “take advantage” of our daily promotion for our products or services, this “funnel” is easy to do, we are only going to indicate the steps so that you can execute it correctly. In the case of our example we are promoting a cruise to the Bahamas that has a time limit, this creates a sense of scarcity for users and they are more likely to “take advantage” of the promotion.

‘Daily Supply Funnel’
When the user clicks on ‘Accept Offer’, they are directed to a page where they must register their information and make the payment to accept the promotion. On this page we must include information about the cruise, videos, all the information that helps to persuade the person to make the purchase.

‘Daily Offer Funnel’ – Record Information
Another factor that must be taken into account on the page is to add the ‘Social Proof’ or ‘Social Proof’, which means this, the ‘Social Proof’ is to show that the product or service is already being bought and recommended by other people When you have recommendations about the tour, this helps a lot to facilitate the purchase.

‘Daily Offer Funnel’ – ‘Social Proof’ or ‘Social Proof’
At this point the user is now our client, he has already made the payment for our product or service offer, we take him to a ‘Share Page’, where he can review the receipt of the payment he has just made, and allows him to share the page so that your friends and acquaintances know that you are going on a cruise. In this way we can attract people related to our new client as potential clients since they are going to observe the incredible vacations that he is going to spend.

‘Daily Bid Funnel’ – Share Page
‘Product Launch Funnel’ or ‘Product Launch Funnel’
There are two approaches you can take for the ‘Product Launch Funnel’, you can make a ‘Landing Page’ that gives the user the option to click to get in touch, or you can just make a page that includes a form of contact so that customers can place their orders immediately, in the end what we want to observe is the behavior of sales when a new product is being offered, so the most advisable thing is to make the page as easy as possible for the user to buy the product.

Product Launch-Funnel-Sales-Funnel
‘Product Launch Funnel’
As usual, every time a customer makes a purchase, we direct him to an ‘Offer Page’, where he can view information about his order, in addition, social networks are displayed so that customers can obtain more information about us. Gulf Phone Number List

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