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Although France WhatsApp Number List there is still no set of standard and powerful system specifications and interaction

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Although France WhatsApp Number List there is still no set of standard and powerful system specifications and interaction

The design of the in-vehicle system is still in a chaotic state. There is no complete set of unifie design standards and specifications in the market. Most manufacturers still follow the design thinking of mobile terminals, which is obviously inconsistent with the actual scene. .

Although there is still no set of standard and powerful system specifications and interaction forms to constrain everyone, we can find some basic and important interaction principles and design concepts from the perspective of usage scenarios and user behaviors to avoid some of the system design. question.

1. The three main features of the in-vehicle system are different from the mobile terminal

First, the single operation behavior of the in-vehicle system cannot excee 3 seconds


The mobile system is an immersive operation, while the in-vehicle system is different. During the driving process, 95% of the user’s energy is focuse on driving behavior, and the user can only extract about 5% of the energy and time to control the car. Therefore, the functional logic of the in-vehicle system is determine, and the information layout must be presente in the best way in a very short period of time.

If the user does not complete the operation task within this time, either the user chooses to give up and start again; or the user spends more time and energy, but the risk factor of such driving will increase exponentially.

After many experiments by the author on different road sections, the average time for each operation, that is, the time for eyesight and attention to focus on the vehicle, cannot excee three seconds; in fact, when entering the third second, I have to use my peripheral vision. Start paying attention to the road ahead.

Therefore, within three seconds, whether it is the user’s first operation failure, re-paying attention to the road conditions, and then repeating the operation, or the user continuing to operate until the task is complete, it is a very dangerous behavior. Here, the cost of user trial and error is very high. Huge, and therefore the design of interaction and information layout nee to be the most extreme

The second in-vehicle system requires a high degree of aggregation of information and functions

France WhatsApp Number List
France WhatsApp Number List

In the special operating environment mentione in the first point, we cannot use. The France WhatsApp Number List traditional mobile immersive design thinking to design the interface. And functions of the vehicle-becaus France WhatsApp Number List e in a very short time, we have to enter. All the functions that may be use in one step. To reach, the layout of information must be seen at a glance.

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