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Some people are willing to Lithuania Phone Number spend money on trial and error, and some people will set up a set and sell it wrong

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Some people are willing to Lithuania Phone Number spend money on trial and error, and some people will set up a set and sell it wrong

Summer is here and mosquitoes are rampant. It’s not nice to be Lithuania Phone Number their dinner. When I was looking for mosquito nets. I pulled out a mosquito killer. Which brought back my memory: That was 7 years ago and it served me all summer – but only got rid of 2 mosquitoes. Since then. It has never shone a purple-blue light again. I have a feeling I’ve been cheated. But not completely cheated. I did get the product after spending money…Though it didn’t work. Turning around and thinking about it. Nowadays. People spend a lot of money on trial and error. How many foods and medicines are advertised to lose weight. How many really make you lose weight?



Pay for the possibility

But even if I didn’t lose weight. The money was spent. On the Lithuania Phone Number dating app. Paid members can freely communicate and distribute traffic. But how many of those who paid got satisfactory results? A certain merchant on the takeaway declares that his food is delicious… This sentence may be nonsense. And no restaurant will say that it is unpalatable: various meals and snacks on the screen. Under the rendering of the filter. Under the description of the copywriting . Looks very attractive. But when you look forward to receiving it. But it’s hard to swallow.


Lithuania phone number
Lithuania phone number

Difficulty of requirements

Or just plain bland. Is this also a form of deception? When people pay. The purpose they carry is not just to get a product or a service. But to expect to meet their needs and realize their wishes. People pay to get the final result. But what people buy is just a carrier. A process. Or. What people pay for is just a possibility. As a result. We often spend a lot of money: buying things that don’t work. Or getting services that don’t get the results we want. They will even suffer a lot of “Probabilistic fraud”: in order to achieve profits. Businessmen use copywriting. Pictures. Cases.

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