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Some operators Croatia WhatsApp Number List can only repeat a few sentences after listening to a training

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Some operators Croatia WhatsApp Number List can only repeat a few sentences after listening to a training

After working for five years, are you  previous methods are not working, what should you do?

  1. Some people may say: FMCG is really not easy to do now, and they have been squeezed out by platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD. What’s more, we have a lot of wool, and users with a higher unit price have to think about it for a long time;

1. Operational bottlenecks you will also encounter

Croatia WhatsApp Number List
Croatia WhatsApp Number List

Ah Cheng has lost his hair recently. He is not a programmer, but the operation manager of the smart air-conditioning fan product line, responsible for the operation and sales performance. In recent years, as the competition has become more and more fierce, the business has become worse and worse, and the operation of Acheng has also reached a bottleneck.

Ah Cheng used various Croatia WhatsApp Number List methods  of operation to do various holiday marketing activities and promotional discounts. The number of people entering the store increased a lot, but there were very few people who actually paid, and the sales basically did not increase.

2. Please always ask yourself, “What kind of rubbish are you?”

Some people have been operating for five or six years, and some people who have been Croatia WhatsApp Number List operating for two or three years are not as good as those who have been operating for two or three years.

Some operators can only repeat a few sentences after listening to a training, while some operators can tell more than 80% of the training content, and can also explain with the case of their own company. Is this just because the latter has better memory?

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