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Solidarity in social networks the case of Nicolás

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Solidarity in social networks the case of Nicolás

A few decades ago, the television channels in the country had a continuity announcer who, in addition to linking the programs and inviting people to stay tuned, had the mission of making calls of “public utility”, through which the population was asked to make a blood donation or to be attentive to, if it saw a lost person with certain characteristics. Today, social networks have replaced the old role of continuity and apparently, they have done so more efficiently than before.

Yes, because while getting the support of the people cost many messages, doing a RT for a social need – blood donation or financial contribution for an operation or charity – results almost automatically. At least the message goes viral quickly, the effect is variable. The UK Phone Number Database List fact that social networks are able to motivate their followers to collaborate with certain charities, not only attracts attention but also generates the reaction of the media traditional that feel the obligation to join the crusade.

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The recent example of the above in our country arises from the leukemia that afflicts Nicolás Guerra, a 12-year-old boy, the son of a teacher and an administrative worker (which definitely implies few resources), who must buy a bone marrow compatible in the United States and bring it to Chile. The child’s life is in danger, there is no time and they are obliged to get a very high sum before April 20. Family and friends have collaborated by carrying out a series of activities for the benefit, but they have not yet gathered what is necessary.

As a result of this, the family created a group on Facebook , which has motivated other parents who have suffered similar problems with their children, to mobilize to help. Likewise, Chilevisión made a note last weekend, recounting the Phone Number List case and asking for support. Like any medium, social media can do a lot of good beyond marketing. PS: if you can and want to collaborate with this boy, we invite you to do it from the link of his group.

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