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Snapchat decides to enter the online game

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Snapchat decides to enter the online game

On April 4, Snapchat held its first Partner Summit good cell phone numbers for sale, where they announced a multitude of new initiatives and offers. Most interesting was the company’s plan to launch Snap Games, an online gaming platform that lives directly in the social messaging application and will accept video advertising.
Snapchat has decided to enter the world of online games. Although it appears to be an economically profitable outlet for this photo and video sharing platform, it is a natural progression as the mobile gaming market is expected to hover around $ 100 billion by 2021.

In recent weeks, both Apple and Google have also made announcements for their new gaming platforms, but the three entities are taking slightly different approaches to this growing market. Unlike Apple’s Arcade and Google’s Stadia, the key differentiator for Snap Games is in its “free-to-play” model. This means that Snapchat will include both games created by independent developers and games created by the application developers themselves, where they will have control of the IP.

To enable this ‘free-to-play’ model, Snapchat will sell six-second ads that will run within the game itself, interrupting the gaming experience, but keeping content free for users. While these ads will save gamers money, it will be interesting to see if these interruptions cause user satiety. It will also be interesting to wait and see if and how Snapchat decides to integrate the rewards into the game as incentives to see ads, since it seems that viewing the ads will not be mandatory, but can be skipped. Of course, if we see them whole we will be rewarded. Gulf Phone Number List

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