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Skill tree that Brazil WhatsApp Number List interaction designers should have How Brazil WhatsApp Number List to accumulate interaction models?

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Skill tree that Brazil WhatsApp Number List interaction designers should have How Brazil WhatsApp Number List to accumulate interaction models?

Last month, I spent 9 articles and finally finishe the first part of the interaction designer career skills – the thinking part. From the beginning of this article, I start to talk about the “vision” part.

To be honest, I am just writing some summative articles as a designer, not a professional scholar or writer, so the content I have written is not necessarily complete, and it should even be said that there must be a lot of omissions. When reading, you also nee to think more about yourself and view the points I mentione dialectically.

Closer to home, start talking about the vision part.

This is the eye and library of an interaction designer. There is a saying that goes well, “I understand the truth, but I still can’t live my life.” With the way of thinking, you still nee to have a certain amount of professional knowlege and the accumulation of industry cases, otherwise, even if you think well, But when it’s time to start designing, you’ll find that you still can’t start because you haven’t seen enough. Just like if you want to become a literary writer, you must first have more than ten years of reading, dabbling in various literary masterpieces and styles of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, only then can you write prose or novels with fluent writing and vivid stories. . Even if you just want to be a wild web writer, you have to read his various web novels with tens of millions of words first, right?

It is customary to continue to update the skill tree. Now it has reache V1.6. After writing these articles, it seems that at least V3.0 is require. But that’s fine, it’s going to be a huge tree, and it will continue to grow even after I’ve finishe writing the series. In addition, this skill tree is really huge, and I also attached the learning method:

As an interaction designer, the first vision that needs to be possesse is of course relate to interaction- interaction model .

Interaction design models are methods of capturing and accumulating Brazil WhatsApp Number List effective design solutions and applying them to similar problems. It is an attempt to formalize design theory, documenting best practices. It can help us:

  • Save design time and effort for new projects;
  • Improve the quality of design solutions;
  • Facilitate communication between designers and programmers;
  • Help designers grow.
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This modelling design concept has its roots in architectural design, and Christopher Alexander Brazil WhatsApp Number List wrote two seminal books, The Language of Patterns and The Timeless Way to Design Architecture, in which architecture was first describd The concept of design patterns is use to describe the essence of architectural design that brings happiness to residents.

An important difference between interaction design patterns and architectural. Design patterns is that it focuses not only on the organization of structures and elements, but also on the dynamic behavior and changes of corresponding user activities.

—Alan Cooper, About Face 4: The Essentials of Interaction Design

In the process of self-studying interaction design, I discovered this rule of. Interaction model, and then I have been using this method to accumulate experience and. Assist in design, which is very helpful for my careerchange process. Later, I saw that Alan Cooper had mentioned a similar interaction design pattern in the book. On the one hand, I regret not seeing it earlier. On the other hand, it coincides with the master, and I am very happy.

1. Interactive Model Unit

David Kolb, an American psychologist and master of experiential learning.

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