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Size of images and videos for Pinterest

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Size of images and videos for Pinterest

Pinterest images size Pinterest is an incredible platform that has very visual aspects french phone number, since images are the main interaction tool with users. This is a network that works through personalized boards, where users upload pins about a specific hobby or topic, and others decide to save them if they are to their liking.

Pinterest’s functionality is very basic, but the wide variety of pins it contains make it a multifunctional platform, offering high-quality images, and a multitude of topics such as recipes, templates, fashion, etc.

This platform is used worldwide and the variety of measurements for photos on Pinterest is surprisingly wide, it is because there are several sections in which an image can be published and the functions between them are very different.

The measures used to upload images to Pinterest are the following:

Profile photo: The most recommended measurements to use in this case are 165 x 165 px.
Pin image: In the case of a pin, you should bear in mind that the platform advises to use vertical images and the measurements that it predisposes are at least 600 px in width, but the length is unlimited.
Board image: In this case, it would be different depending on the Pinterest version being viewed, since on the desktop it will be 222 x 150 px, but on the mobile device version it would be 200 x 200 px.
Dashboard Cover: This measurement should be 100 x 100 px.
Image size on Linkedin
Image size on LinkedIn It could be believed that images are not important in a professional social network such as Linkedin, however, all aspects of our work must be impeccable, and the first thing that represents a company or person is the type of images you use.

That is why we must consider the size of all the images that we use on Linkedin, we also recommend that you take care that they are of good quality and transmit a professional aura, which generates confidence in all who visit your profile.

Profile image: For personal profiles, the measurements would be 400 x 400 px, while a logo for a company would be 300 x 300 px.
Cover image: The recommended measurements for a personal profile are 1584 x 396 px, for a company it is 1536 x 768 px.
Post: Square images should be 1200 x 1200, although if you want to go horizontal or link, we recommend that it be 1200 x 627 px.
Videos: The maximum measurements are 4096 x 2304 px.
Size of videos and images on TikTok
Size of the videos in tiktok On these platforms the visual aspect is very important, if Instagram is focused on the publication of images, TikTok is the king of the videos.

It is an application that has grown exponentially in recent years and today almost everyone has something to do with it, that is why we must know what the correct measures are in terms of the use of visual and audiovisual media.

Profile photo: The best thing in this case would be that the image is no less than 200 x 200 px.
Videos: Famous TikTok videos must have a vertical measurement of 1080 x 1920 px. Gulf Phone Number List

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