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Six Flags Mexico will have an attraction inspired by Stranger Things

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Six Flags Mexico will have an attraction inspired by Stranger Things

Stranger Things helped attract 19 million new customers and increase Netflix’s earnings by $ 8 billion The Six Flags Horror Festival is an annual event that each year has a different theme, this time it will take place from September 14 to November 12 with a specific Morocco Mobile Database attraction: Stranger Things. Stranger Things, which became one of the most-watched series last year, was the eighth, according to Parrot Analytics. The series helped attract 19 million new customers and increase the based company’s earnings by $ 8 billion in Los Gatos, California- .

The craze for the second season premiere this year has prompted the amusement park to focus on character-inspired rides. Morocco Mobile Database

The activities would be focused on finding Will, as can be seen on the amusement park’s Facebook page:

TENTH REVELATION: Little Will vanished without a trace and there are those who claim that a terrible creature took him away. You will be part of the search party to find him, crossing through mysterious places such as Will’s house, the dark forest and the laboratory where strange things happen, but be careful where you go! The terrifying creature could be real StrangerThingsEnSixFlags ”

A similar action was implemented in Chicago, where they opened a bar completely inspired by the series, the “The Upside Down” which opened its doors on August 18 thanks to the Emporium Arcade Bar team and which will continue until the last week of September. .

Specifically, the Brother Cell Phone List inspired bar “Stranger Things” is decorated with signature elements from the series and from the 80s and visitors will find an Eleven mural, Hawkins entrance, bicycles and the letters on the wall with lights. Christmas, details that, without a doubt, will make everyone inside the bar feel as if they were living inside the series. Also, to create more atmosphere, there is a project that constantly broadcasts “Stranger Things” with the music of the period in the background while customers can enjoy an extensive menu of cocktails, snacks, beers and Eleven’s favorite food.

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