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Service Design: Nigeria WhatsApp Number List The Upgrade Opportunity All Businesses Shouldn’t Miss

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Service Design: Nigeria WhatsApp Number List The Upgrade Opportunity All Businesses Shouldn’t Miss

What is service design?

Service design refers to the planning and design of service operation and management by service enterprises according to their own characteristics and business intentions.

Talking about the concept may be very abstract. Disney is a typical example of successful service design. Let me give you two small examples.

1. Shelves that children can browse comfortably


When we walke into the shopping area of ​​Shanghai Disneyland, in addition to seeing the decorations full of Disney style, we couldn’t help but be move by Disney’s children’s perspective. For example, the design of the shopping cabinet above,

Unlike the shelves in general shopping malls or supermarkets, each layer of it contains the same products. This is mainly considering that Disney’s consumers have both adults and children, and their height difference is very large. This design allows adults and children to browse and select products easily.

2. The service form of three waiters and two checkout machines

Disney’s checkout system is not one checkout machine per person, but two checkout machines for three people, so that the free people can help consumers to do some services within their ability, such as helping parents take care of their children. In different scenarios, an extra person is neede to help customers and improve the service experience.

2. Establish user-centric service logic

From the above examples, we can see that the core idea of ​​service design is to establish Nigeria WhatsApp Number List user-centric service logic. Thinking about our life, the logic of many service forms still starts from itself and has not been update in time. For example, our banking system still serves our users through a stereotype, antagonistic image.


The picture on the left is the scene of the prison visit, and the picture on the right is the service counter of the bank. Interestingly, the external perception Nigeria WhatsApp Number List of the banking system is actually very similar to the external perception of the prison visit. This kind of defensive and distrustful service perception causes our users to have a lot of bad emotions about the banking system, and the generation of such bad emotions will cause users’ emotional resistance, which greatly affects the bank’s development of other services.

There’s another incident in my own life that illustrates the “self-healing” of traditional service. I remember one time when I went shopping for puffs and. Wandere around the counter feeling guilty about consuming too many calories. At this time, the waiter enthusiastically said to me, “Today’s special price, buy three get one free, it’s a good deal”, I gave up the purchase after listening.

Nigeria WhatsApp Number List
Nigeria WhatsApp Number List

This puff’s sales slogan “buy three get one free” is actually not suitable for the current consumption scene. As white-collar workers who are buying puffs just want to eat something to satisfy. Their cravings and feel the guilt of eating this kind. Of food, what they nee is such comfort: “Our puffs are low. In calories and healthy” or “Eat some puffs.” , reward yourself.”

It can be seen that our service is still basd on the logic of product-centric sales, and we. Fail to take into account changes in user groups and sales scenarios.

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