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Segmentation on Facebook and Instagram BY GIOVANNI ·

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Segmentation on Facebook and Instagram BY GIOVANNI ·

Market segmentation or ‘targeting’ in Facebook Ads is one of the main factors for your advertising campaign to have good results how can i get a uk phone number, or that you are only contacted by people who are not interested at all in your product or service and waste the time and budget of your campaign.

To carry out an effective segmentation on Facebook we must know all the data that we can about our potential client, we have to know what their average age is, what are their interests, behaviors, family structure, economic situation, among others. The more detailed our potential customer data is, the more efficiency can be achieved with the campaign.

Demographic Data Segmentation
In the demographic data section we have different characteristics that can be taken into account, these are: age, sex, education, languages, sentimental situation, sector in which they work, important events in the user’s near future, such as their best friend birthday in a certain time.

Interest Segmentation
In the segmentation by interests we can capture different characteristics that our potential market has to be able to carry out an effective segmentation, for example, we have categories such as fitness and well-being, shopping and fashion, food and drink, sports and outdoor activity, among others.

The better you can mix the categories of interests with each other, the more effective you will have when carrying out your campaign. When making a segmentation take into account that for Facebook advertising you have the option to ‘narrow the public’, in this way you can select a segmentation that not only meets an interest but must also meet another additional interest to that are part of the potential market. Gulf Phone Number List

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