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SAP consultant, the profile most demanded by consulting firms

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SAP consultant, the profile most demanded by consulting firms

We can define the SAP Consultant as the professional who helps companies configure the SAP system according to their needs to optimize business processes all number data. In no case should we confuse a programmer with a consultant, since they are totally different profiles that respond to different needs.
Often companies face a common difficulty: finding professional personnel who adjust to the changing needs of the market to fill their free vacancies. Although, in the search for information and analyzing the needs of these companies, we find that the SAP Consultant is one of the most demanded profiles in the labor market due to the shortage of existing professionals who cover all the requirements that are requested and in specifically, the consultant in SAP Production.

But do we really know what characteristics this professional profile should have?

Experience in logistics, purchasing, sales, quality, maintenance and especially in the area of ​​production planning, are the main requirements that are sought in these professionals. For this, training is one of the most important points. Normally these positions are filled by graduates and engineers with specialization courses in SAP Production, for example, obtaining the Official SAP Certification. The ability to learn, teamwork, flexibility to tackle new challenges and the high degree of involvement in projects, among others, are the determining characteristics for consultants when choosing this profile.

To specialize in SAP and attend a training course, no previous experience is necessary, since recent graduates can opt for one side, positioning themselves in an advantageous way to develop their careers as consultants in the labor market; and on the other, professionals with high previous experience in other areas who wish to redirect their careers towards SAP Consulting. Without forgetting also, the professionals who carry out their functions within a company, and for whom knowledge of the system can mean consolidating positions in the company as well as in their professional development.

In that sense, it is convenient to know that the tasks that they will develop in their day to day will be those of Functional Consultant of SAP Production, taking requirements of the needs of each client, design of solutions, adaptation of the system to achieve compliance defined, user training, migration process and daily customer support.

However, it must be taken into account that the SAP Consultant is a profile that must be constantly changing, since it must work to adapt at all times to the needs of the current market. This has been the main reason for the constant growth of this professional profile over recent years, and for which very positive estimates are expected for future years.

In conclusion, the constant evolution of the digitalization process in society is causing substantial changes in the social structure and consequently, also in the workplace. This point makes all companies and businesses require continuous adaptation to this new way of doing and understanding things. Which leads to the new professional profiles, related to the digitization process, being the most requested by the current labor market, as is the case with SAP consultants.Gulf Phone Number List

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