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Revision of Honduras WhatsApp Number List Pan-entertainment WeChat Store – Design Summary

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Revision of Honduras WhatsApp Number List Pan-entertainment WeChat Store – Design Summary

 Project Background

1.1 What is “Pan-entertainment WeChat Store”?

Pan-entertainment micro-store is a payment channel provided and served by the billing platform department for all virtual businesses of the company. It is a convenient payment portal for pan-entertainment business in WeChat wallet.


1.2 Why revision?

Over the years, the o2o service deployed by WeChat Wallet has penetrated into all aspects of life: shopping, online lending, wealth management, city services… It has successfully brought users a convenient service experience.

Jiping’s payment entry for pan-entertainment business in the wallet not only provides convenience for users to pay, but also promotes the company’s revenue.

However, after many years of operation of the Pan-entertainment WeChat store, problems have gradually emerged, so we have carried out a design revision to allow this virtual store to continue to serve users better.

The revision needs to solve three problems:

(1) Existing paying users: The store framework and process are inconvenient to quickly find products


PS: The company’s business is divided into: game currency, props, and monthly subscription Honduras WhatsApp Number List according to the logic of program implementation. And these are implementation patterns

Game currency mode, that is, virtual currency mode
Monthly mode, that is, subscription, monthly fee deduction mode
Item mode, that is, single-item purchase

(2) Potential paying users: they don’t even know that WeChat has an entrance

Honduras WhatsApp Number List
Honduras WhatsApp Number List

(3) Lack of basic functions

Although the WeChat store has been operating for many years, as a store, due to historical Honduras WhatsApp Number List reasons, there are still many basic functions (such as transaction inquiry, monthly subscription expiration inquiry, etc.) missing. Therefore, these basic functions need to be improved this time.

2. How to solve the problem

2.1 Design Goals

Under the known problems, the design starts to solve the known experience problems, so the design sets the following goals:

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