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Remember Not to Treat Cem as Software Chile Phone Number

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Remember Not to Treat Cem as Software Chile Phone Number

According to the forecast of idc. Qy research. And touch point. The domestic cem market size will increase to 11.8 billion yuan in 2022. At present. Due to the small number and small scale of companies in the industry. The industry is still in the blue ocean. Last year. There was even a saying on the market that ” the first year of customer experience management” . The voices are loud. But they are just telling us: The momentum of cem is huge. As a modern enterprise. We have to embrace this big wave. But wait. Let’s take a look first at what exactly cem is and what are we talking about when we talk about cem. Cem .



The full name of

“Customer experience management” in chinese. And the Chile Phone Number full name of “Customer experience managerment” in english. Was first proposed in bernd h. Schmitt’s 2003 book “Customer experience management”. He defined to. ” customer experience management is the process of strategically managing a customer’s overall experience with a product or company” . After so many years. Its original intention has not changed. It is still the one that cares about “Strategically managing customer experience with products”.


Chile Phone Number
Chile phone number

Speaking of which

Maybe you are no longer so unfamiliar with the concept of cem.And the customers who feel the products are human beings. . And cem just thinks what customers think and feels what customers feel. So that enterprises can have a better evaluation of enterprises by attaching importance to customers and thinking about how to make customers have a better experience. In thinking about “People”. We also chatted with ah e on this matter. Cem is not just a software system. It is a… In reality. The same is true for many companies. They are too self-absorbed when creating product quality. But they ignore the feelings of customers. Customers like you. But you don’t know why customers like you. When customers leave you. You don’t know why customers leave you.

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