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RA Trustvox Google’s official partner

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RA Trustvox Google’s official partner

Ra trustvox is an official platform for reclame aqui. The largest shopping reputation. Trust and research portal in latin america. In addition to being on the list of google’s partner companies in this regard. That’s right my people. Ra trustvox is the first brazilian company to collect and disseminate google reviews. With it, You increase your conversion rate and promote your online reputation by collecting and displaying true reviews. In addition to a multitude of other features. Collect and disseminate your consumers’ reviews. Thus conveying greater confidence at the time of purchase and building your brand’s online reputation. In addition to boosting sales results. Ra trustvox helps in repurchasing and increasing your average ticket. You will positively influence all users looking for you.

And you will avoid your consumer’s

Review for e-commerce : understand the importance for google with all the acceleration that e-commerce has suffered. In 2021, Brazil reached its highest record in volume of online purchases. There were 78.5 million in the first quarter of the year alone. Which represents an increase of 57.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. Likewise, Researching the store’s reputation and product quality has become an essential part of the Uruguay Phone Number List consumer’s purchase journey. More than 80% of consumers look for reviews (customer opinions) before purchasing a product or service. Either in a physical store or online. According to a study carried out by the french institute of public opinion. Also, 7 out of 10 web users consult consumer reviews before making a purchase. But what are reviews? Reviews are critical analyzes made by consumers about a product. Service or brand. These comments. In addition to influencing the consumer in making the purchase.

Uruguay Phone Number List

Serve as social proof of the store’s quality

E-commerce trends conducted a study where it identified that 49.1% of consumers say that viewing reviews and comments on products and/or services offered by virtual stores is the fourth reason that most influences their purchase decision. Check out some data on the importance and influence of reviews: 85.57% of consumers check other Gulf Phone Number List people’s opinions before making a purchase. 83.65% of them rate both positive and negative reviews before deciding to buy importance of online product reviews from a consumer’s perspective 90% of respondents said they were influenced by positive comments. When this same comparison is made against negative ratings. The power of influence reaches 86% dimensional research . The power of reviews in the purchase decision spiegel research center conducted a study. Where it was found that the likelihood of purchasing a product with five reviews is 270% higher compared to those with no reviews. The benefits of reviews are directly linked to trust.

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