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RA Forms streamline your service with

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RA Forms streamline your service with

In order for a consumer story to be posted on reclame aqui . The user needs to fill out a standard form. Informing the title and content of the complaint. The complained company will also have access to some personal data of the consumer. But that is not always sufficient to solve the problem. Read more: how does the consumer complaint flow in reclame aqui work? Not having all the necessary information right away to understand and solve a problem has direct impacts on the work of the service team. On the waiting time of this consumer and. On the company’s reputation. And how can reclame aqui be an ally at these times? It was with this in mind that reclame aqui developed ra forms . A product focused on customizing the complaint form that the customer needs to write before publishing their consumption story.

Available for companies that have the ra brand page

Companies can include up to 3 specific questions that make sense for their brand and. Through them. They are able to collect crucial data for the beginning of the service. Ensuring that the treatment takes place without delay or without generating too much effort. In other words, those looking for this advantage will find a more agile and Ukraine Phone Number List assertive resolution journey. Resulting in the strengthening of the brand and positive reviews on reclame aqui. Custom complaint form with ra forms custom complaint form with ra forms first. It is necessary to explain that ra forms is a feature available to companies that are already ra brand page customers. One of the best-known customization solutions here. Read more: customized reclame pages here: why don’t all companies have them? In this sense. The claim here page can make even more difference when it comes to understanding customer pain.

Ukraine Phone Number List

With the collection of information through customizable description

Check list and even conditional fields. We know that each company segment needs specific information to meet the needs of the business. Therefore, companies that activate ra forms on their pages are free to request the data they deem important to initiate service. In addition to understanding their consumer behavior and measuring customer Gulf Phone Number List dissatisfaction or waiting time. Through this functionality. It becomes possible to find out which product or service the consumer is referring to. Ask the complainant to share some other personal information and much more. Customization possibilities with ra forms customization possibilities with ra forms understand the difference between a company with and without ra forms in the example below. It is possible to identify a company with and another without ra forms from the ra brand page: difference in claim forms with and without ra forms difference in claim forms with and without ra forms in the case of an educational institution.

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